Printed Colour Atlas

Where can I look up the CMYK-colour values?

The DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS contains this CMYK swatchbook.It consists of three areas with each 33 pages with the CMYK colour area for the offset printing conforming to standards on coated and uncoated paper and paper suitable for newspapers.

The supplemental CMYK-Atlas on paper.

All colour fields have been measured individually and have been deposited to the software. This date base is used for all CMYK calculations and is consulted within the software – thus is the way how the DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS reaches highly exact and unique documented CMYK-results.

We do not produce the CMYK atlas ourselfes, we order it from a notabler Berlin Satzstudio satzinform.

Coverage of the CMYK Colour Space

A page of the CMYK atlas.

The CMYK atlas shows the CMYK colour space in constant nuances on every paper grade:

ISO conforming print quality

The print according to ISO-Norm is documented very accurately.

The above mentioned 5584 nuances have been printed on three different types of paper according to the industrial norm.

Procedure Parameter
Art print matte coated, coated woodfree, white, woodfree
Schneidersöhne LuxoArt Silk 170 g/m² (ECI type of paper 2; the result of the print is according to ECI/FOGRA also usable as reference for the paper class 1
raster frequency: 175 lpi; 70er raster
Naturpapier uncoated Offsetprintpaper, white
Munken Lynx 200 g/m²; 1,13 vol. (ECI type of paper 4)
raster frequency: 138 lpi, 54er raster
Newsprint (Recycling) uncoated Offsetprintpaper, white
Recystar 150 g/m²; 1,3 vol. (ECI type of paper 4)
raster frequency: 138 lpi, 54er raster

What is the reason for the CMYK-results being extremely precise?

On the base of the handinhandbuch cmyk the DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS CMYK-colours identifies as exact as the experienced „human“ retrograph but much more faster!

Market Survey CMYK Atlases

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