How do I activate the full version?

The demo version is limited in respect to the number of supported colours. Green, blue, violet, and grey tones cannot be researched (Hue >120 und Chroma <5 werden ausgeschlossen). Complete colour system comparisons are also not possible in the demo version of the software.

The Full Version Conversion

Select the menu command "Registration" and select one of the provided alternatives (Fax-, Online– or telephone registration).

You will promptly receive a licence code that will convert the software on your computer to the full version. This code will also grant access to the support pages on the internet.

Under “Step 2“ enter the name and license code as they were called in the activation-mail. The software will then function in the full version mode.

If you would like to use the DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS in multiple separate work locations you will need extension licenses, which are available at a price of about 50% of the first license (depending on the desired data medium).

An additional installation on a Notebook is free as Notebooks are viewed as extensions to the workplace.

The "Fingerprint"

This information is needed for the conversion.

During the registration you will be asked to remit a so called “PC Fingerprint” as well as the company name. The pc fingerprint is a 15 digit code of numbers in the following form xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx, the calculation of which involves the inclusion of different properties of the individual computer. Together with the name this fingerprint flows into the calculation of the licence code.

This means: The upgrade to full version will presumably only function on the system on which the software is installed during the registration process.

We can assure the following: